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Parade / Race Application Form

  1. A "Parade", for the purpose of this policy, means a group of ten or more persons on foot, or three or more vehicles, carts, or equestrians, standing or moving upon the right-of-way, including any public street, sidewalk, tree lawn or other portion of the dedicated public right-of-way, under common control or direction. (This definition does not include any governmental officers or employees acting in their capacity as such, or persons under their direction, a funeral procession, a group using the sidewalk only and obeying all traffic control laws for pedestrians, or any person while engaging in the person's lawful employment in business or trade.) These Parades (including activities such as Runs, Walks, Bike Events, or Marches) typically involve temporary road closures over extended roadways throughout the City.

    No person or organization shall sponsor or conduct a parade or special event ("Event") without first obtaining a permit from the Recreation Department. The application for such a permit shall be submitted to the Recreation Department at least six (6) months prior to the Event. Weekend races, marches, and parades are limited to two (2) per month.

    Each permit application shall also include proof of liability insurance, naming the City as an additional insured, with limits of at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) per person and three million dollars ($3,000,000) per occurrence. The City may modify this requirement to meet the risk of the particular Event.

    The Recreation Department shall approve or deny an application within fourteen (14) days of its submission, provided all the information required in the permit application has been submitted, along with proof of insurance and the payment of the permit fee. If the Recreation Department finds that the proposed Event will result in disturbance of the peace, or violation of law, or unreasonable interference with public travel, or unreasonable demand upon the personnel of the Police, Fire or Public Works Departments, including the cumulative cost and impact of permits granted previously during the year for other parades or special events, or unreasonable interference with the right of quiet enjoyment by the citizens in the use of their property, or that food will be prepared or served in violation of law, the permit shall not be issued; otherwise the City shall issue a permit. It is requested that no marketing or promotion of parades / races occur prior to City approval. 

    The six month application period may be shortened by the Recreation Department for good cause shown, upon the written request of the applicant, stating the reasons therefor, and further, that the shortening of the permit application period would not be detrimental to the peace, health, safety and welfare of the City, in consideration of the factors set forth in this Chapter, the size of the proposed parade or special event, the proposed route, the length of time of the Event itself, and the time in which the City has to prepare and allocate its equipment, vehicles and manpower for the Event.

    No person shall knowingly give any false or misleading information in any permit application for a parade or special event permit. Special event regulations and charges are subject to modification or change at the discretion of the City.

  2. Sponsoring Organization Information

  3. Definition of "Shaker-based"

    For the purposes of this policy, the term "Shaker-based" means an organization that has its main office and/or headquarters in Shaker Heights. The fact that one or more individuals who are members or officers of the organization live and/or work in Shaker Heights is not sufficient to consider the organization to be Shaker-based.

  4. If your event requires more than one primary Event Coordinator, please provide additional Event Coordinator's name(s) and contact(s) above..

  5. About the Event

  6. Explanation of Locations

    10k, 5k, 5 mile, and 2 mile races must choose a Predetermined Race Route. These routes will also have a designated 1 mile route for youth races and fun runs.

    Race route options are:
    - Colonnade
    - Onaway Loop (Onaway, Woodbury, High School starting points)
    - Park Loop (Nature Center, Hathaway Brown, and Horseshoe Lake starting points)
    - Van Aken District

    A graphic showing each region is displayed below.
    Predetermined Race Routes may not apply for Bike Events or Marches.

  7. Shaker Heights 2022 Line Map with All Race Routes and Key
  8. Length(s) of Races*

    Check all that apply

  9. Please provide any necessary details for length / location if needed.

  10. Parade / Race Volunteers

    All races and parades are required to provide 15 volunteers to support the event. These volunteers will be stationed to support event set up, event clean up, intersection safety, and runner safety. Police will assign at least two or more officers to assist with race / parade safety.

    - Department of Transportation-approved Safety vests will be provided by the City for all race volunteers for identification purposes.
    - Volunteers will be required to provide a personal cell phone which will be required for all race volunteers stationed at race intersections. The police Officer In-Charge (OIC) will be the point of contact for the race organizer in the event of a safety concern.
    - Race volunteer training will be required for all event volunteers. This training will include expectations from race volunteers and safety protocols. Training will be provided immediately before the start of the race by the Police OIC.

  11. Event Components

  12. Street barricades provided by Public Works will be required for all race intersections.
    Road closed signs will be posted on race/parade routes prior to the race and will be removed following the event.

  13. Additional Event Components*
  14. Please check all components that you are planning on having on location during the event in addition to the event route.

  15. Please provide all necessary information regarding the above event components.

  16. Parade / Race Permit Fees

    Each Parade Permit application shall be accompanied by the payment of the fee as outlined in the chart below, to partially reimburse the City for its administrative costs, including set-up, inspections and assignment of safety personnel for traffic control. The application fee shall be refunded only if no permit is issues. The City may waive fees in particular circumstances when the public interest would be furthered thereby. The City's Event Coordinator will follow up with you in regards to these permit fees.

    Parade SponsorsFeeConditions
    Shaker Heights Public Schools / Parent Teacher Organizations$250.00If the schools conduct back-to-back races/parades that meet the above guidelines, within a four-hour time frame, the fee for both races/parades will be $250.00
    Shaker Heights Private Schools and Shaker Heights-Based Not-for-Profit OrganizationsActual Cost to City, maximum $1,000.00
    All Other Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations / Entities$1,500.00 plus actual costs to the CityDeposit required; after event and all indirect costs have been calculated, will bill any additional cost. 
  17. Additional Permit Steps

    Several components will require an additional permit following special event approval. The City's Event Coordinator will follow up with you in regards to these permits.

    Tents - Tents larger than 10'x10' will require an additional permit from the Fire Department.

    Banners - Banners and signs may be displayed only on the day of the event and must be removed at the end of the event. No exceptions.

    Food Truck - Any food truck must follow guidelines in 546.01-546.03 and 1111.05 of the City's ordinances.

  18. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that you have reviewed the policies and guidelines for parades and special events as set forth by the City of Shaker Heights and understand that your application is subject to City approval.

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