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Special Events Application

  1. Special Events Application

    Please refer to Special Event Permit Guidelines for additional specific information on the permit process, including fees.

  2. Sponsoring Organization Information

  3. About the Event

  4. Will there be Viewing Stands?*

  5. Participants

    Please estimate the number and type of event participants.

  6. Banners, Placards & Signs

    Banners and signs may be displayed only on the day of the event and must be removed at the end of the event. No exceptions.

  7. Please indicate if there will be banners, placards, and/or signs for the event.*

    Select all that apply.

  8. Tents & Amenities

    Locations for tents, concession booths, and portable toilets must be pre-approved. You will be contacted for more information.

    Additionally, tents must have a permit from the Shaker Heights Fire Department. Tent companies may contact the department directly at 216-491-1215.

  9. Will there be food?*

  10. Will there be a food truck?*

    Please note that food trucks must follow the guidelines outlined in 546.01 – 546.03, and 1111.05 of the City’s ordinances.

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