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2021 Preservation Month Photo Contest

  1. Upload Your High-Resolution Photo(s)

    Please note: To be officially entered in the 2021 Preservation Month Photo Contest, you must upload your photograph to Instagram and follow all contest guidelines (see below). Use this form to upload the required high-resolution version of your submitted photograph(s).

    — The contest is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to enter.
    — Photos must be taken within the City of Shaker Heights.
    — Photos must be taken in high-resolution – preferably HDR. Winners will be required to submit high-resolution files in order to have their photos presented in Shaker Life. Use our form to upload the high-resolution version of your submission.
    — Photos may not be significantly altered using filters. Multiple entries are permitted (up to four), but only one photo per entrant may be selected as a winner.
    — Any photos displaying a recognizable face must obtain said individual's permission using the City's photo release form (PDF).
    — Your Instagram account cannot be private, or we will not be able to see your post.
    — Images that do not follow these rules may not be judged at the judging panel's sole discretion.

  2. Instructions:

    Your high-resolution photograph should be:
    — JPEG format
    — 300 DPI
    — Maximum file size of 20MB

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