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  1. 2021 Alarm Business License Application
  2. Family Safety Questionnaire

    This form allows families and guardians of individuals with dementia, autism spectrum disorder or other cognitive disorders to provide... More…

  3. Police Appreciation Form

    Thank an officer for his or her efforts.

  4. Report a Community Concern

    Report a concern that is impacting you or your neighborhood, which the Police Department may be able to address.

  5. Report a Streetlight Outage

    Tell us about a problem with a streetlight.

  6. Solicitor's License

    Apply for a solicitor's license in the City of Shaker Heights.

  1. Community Engagement Request

    Request the Police Department participate in your community event — or come tour the station and spend time talking to our officers.

  2. Mobile Ice Cream Vendor License

    This license is required annually by the City of Shaker Heights.

  3. Police Records Request

    Request an official police record.

  4. Report a Problem with a Traffic Signal or Street Sign

    Tell us about a problem with a traffic signal or street sign.

  5. Report a Traffic Concern

    Report concerns about traffic issues.