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Confidential Tip Form


    If you are reporting a crime in progress, or require emergency service, please do not use this form but dial 9-1-1 immediately.

    Use this form to report community concerns about suspicious behavior, or ongoing criminal/drug activity happening in the City of Shaker Heights. Before completing the form, please note:

    • You may choose to remain anonymous at the end of this form. 
    • Please include any observation that leads you to believe criminal activity is occurring. This includes dates/times, locations, any person(s) you believe are involved, telephone number, vehicles, social media account, and any other information that would help us investigate your concern. The information will be reviewed and directed to the appropriate staff member for investigation.
    • If you would prefer to have someone from Shaker Heights Police Department contact you about your submission, you will need to include contact information.
  2. Complaint/Tip
  3. Include make & plate number if available.

  4. Provide the names of known or suspected person(s) involved. Also include Where can they be found if available.

  5. If your complaint includes information observed on social media, please include the social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the “handle” for that person’s account.

  6. Please include as much detail as you can about the alleged crime/suspicious activity.

  7. Media Upload
  8. You may upload 1st photo or video here.

  9. You may upload a 2nd photo or video here. 

  10. You may upload a 3rd photo or video here.

  11. Would you like to remain anonymous?*
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