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Response to Notice of Sidewalk and Apron Violation

  1. Provide owner and property information and select whether you would like the repair/replacement to be performed by the City or by a private contractor.

  2. Property Owner Information

  3. Property Location

    Refer to the Notice of Violation for parcel and violation numbers.

  4. Maximum Allowed: 10 characters

  5. Sidewalk and/or Apron Repairs

  6. Who will perform the necessary repairs?*

    If the City is making repairs, you will be contacted before the work begins.

    If a private contractor is making repairs, they must be completed within 60 days of the notice date or the City will make the necessary repairs and send an invoice.

  7. If the City is performing repairs, please indicate your preference.*

    Refer to the estimated cost stated in the violation notice.

    If you choose to reset your sandstone and it breaks, you will be asked to select another restoration option.

  8. Do you wish to keep the old sandstone?*

  9. Leave This Blank:

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