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LomondBlvdLooks like: A great place to find traditional single family homes as well as truly unique two-
family homes, many of which look just like their single family counterparts. You’ll also find
apartment buildings with an architectural flair all their own.

Feels like: A family reunion at which the new generation finds itself alongside those with deep
roots in the community. Lomond School events draw members of the greater neighborhood in addition to families of school children.

Walk to: Gridley Triangle park, Shaker Town Center shops and restaurants, and a number of
Blue Line RTA stops

Close to: Main Library, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building and several other Shaker neighborhoods – Lomond is centrally located.

Named for: Lomond Elementary, 17917 Lomond, built in 1928.

Community Association: Yes. View Website


ScotsdaleBlvdScottsdale Boulevard
Year built: 1928
Square feet: 1850
Style: French.
Steeply pitched hip roof; low set dormers. Brick walls and tower element.

WinslowRdWinslow Road
Year built: 1929
Square feet: 3730
Style: English Tudor.
Two-Family brick, stone, stucco and half-timbering. Original leaded glass window in two
different patterns. Decorative scrollwork over main entry.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


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