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Protect Your Vehicle
Protect Your Bike
Protect Yourself and Your Home
Alarm Systems
When Traveling
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Protect Your Vehicle

  • Lock your vehicle, even when garaged, and remove all personal property from view. Valuable items such as CDs, cell phones, laptops, GPS devices, purses and other valuable items should be placed in the trunk area if possible, or taken with you.
  • Do not park in secluded or dark areas of a parking lot.
  • Never leave your vehicle running while you go inside your home or into a store, even if for only a minute or two.

Protect Your Bike

  • Do not leave bikes unattended, and make sure to lock your bike, even if you are just going to be away for a moment. Please make sure your bike has a license and that you are wearing your helmet when riding around the city. Call 216-491-1220 for licensing dates.

Protect Yourself and Your Home

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and those around you when walking, jogging, or bicycling.
  • Hold onto your money. Carry your purse tightly under your arm or your wallet/money in your front pants’ pocket.
  • Turn on lights and a radio or TV when you leave home so it looks like someone is home.
  • Install lighting on the exterior of your home such as “motion” lights or “dusk to dawn” lights, especially in dark areas and entrances.
  • Trim shrubbery around your home so as not to provide someone a place to hide.
  • Make sure your address is clearly visible from the street for emergency/identification purposes.
  • Close and lock your garage door when not outside; place property in a location that is not visible from the street when the garage door is open.
  • Check door locks to be sure they are sturdy and functioning properly as well as window locks. Doors and windows should have a secondary lock and should be used when leaving, even if for just a few minutes.

Alarm Systems

  • Alarm systems are effective and must be installed by a company licensed to do business in Shaker Heights. This information can be obtained online or from the Crime Prevention Unit at 216-491-1230. Using the alarm system is most important even if going out for a short period of time.

When Traveling

  • Get an automatic timer for your lights.
  • Ask a neighbor to watch your home and pick up mail or newspapers; or stop delivery of mail and newspapers.
  • Notify the Police Department if you are planning to be away for an extended period of time such as a vacation by completing a Home Watch form or calling 216-491-1220.

Other Resources

The Ohio Crime Victims Rights Toolkit is a self-help resource for Ohio and federal crime victims. It was created by the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center and includes nearly everything victims need to know about their rights, from the time of first report to a hospital or police through the investigation, prosecution, and post-release control (the period after which a perpetrator is released from prison).

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