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The City's former Director of Health Scott Frank notes the following:

"Because of the age of the housing stock in Shaker Heights, families should be vigilant about lead exposure. Overall, there has been a dramatic decrease in lead poisoning among children in Shaker Heights over the past several decades.* While the primary source of lead is from dust or paint chips arising from lead paint, water has become an increasingly questioned source of lead exposure."

*Lead testing is done routinely once a year at ages one and two in children who live in high risk neighborhoods. If those tests are negative, doctors usually stop doing them on a routine basis. If parents have concerns, they should ask their doctor explicitly for lead testing.

Cleveland Water has very effective treatments that remove lead and minimize leaching of lead from pipes that may be in your home. Certain precautions are listed on the door hanger and should be taken in neighborhoods where waterline replacement is underway, since work “could cause a temporary increase in lead” in the drinking water.

Cleveland Water provides detailed information about lead pipes and the safety of the water supply on their website:

If you are concerned about lead in your water, further information about "point-of-use" water filtration can be accessed through links provided below.

All questions should be directed to the Cleveland Water Lead Inquiry line at 216-664-2882.

Additional information:

Lead in Shaker: Shaker Heights Community Forum, July 11, 2016:

Types of Point-of-Use Devices for Lead Reduction (Minnesota Department of Health)

Lead in Drinking Water – FAQ (Water Quality Association)

Certified Product Listings for Lead Reduction (National Sanitation Foundation) 

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