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Building Inspections

The Building Department performs two kinds of Inspections:

  • Residential/Commercial Permit Work (performed by either a contractor or homeowner)
  • Commercial Property Maintenance

Inspectors evaluate the work that has been performed looking for compliance with the State Building Code. They are licensed building officials. Enforcement of these State Codes is crucial to maintaining safety and superior quality in Shaker's architecture. An in-depth review of the regulations that govern building inspections can be found in Chapter 1307 (Inspections) of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Shaker Heights.

Residential/Commercial Permit Work

All residential work that requires a building permit must be inspected for compliance with the Ohio residential building code. Likewise, all commercial buildings must comply with the Ohio commercial building code.

Contractors who register with the City are required to have that work inspected. The City expects the contractor to coordinate the inspections with the homeowner. If the inspection does not occur, the contractor can be held in violation of the registration agreement and legal action may be taken. Permits issued to homeowners are subject to the same legal action if an inspection is not scheduled and conducted.

Commercial Property Maintenance

On even-numbered years, the City performs biennial inspections on commercial properties — this program maintains the quailty, character, and safety of Shaker's commercial buildings. 

Commercial property owners, occupants, and operators are required to submit an application for a Biennial Commercial Occupancy Permit no later than December 31 of odd numbered years to cover the following two-year permit period. The application, along with a check for $100 made payable to City of Shaker Heights, should be returned to the Building Department. The fee increases to $125 for applications submitted after the December 31 deadline. Applicants may request to schedule an inspection or have an inspector visit during normal business hours. The inspections typically last 20-30 minutes. 

Safe and well-maintained buildings protect property values and contribute to the community's overall stability. An in-depth review of the regulations can be found in Chapter 1319 (Commercial Property Maintenance Code) of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Shaker Heights, (Ord. 99-42).

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