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Neighborhood Revitalization Department

The Neighborhood Revitalization Department strengthens the City’s tax base by encouraging reinvestment in neighborhoods and in homes. Its role is to ensure the long-term competitive position of the City’s housing stock using partnerships with the public and private sectors to leverage investment in the City.

2015 Housing & Neighborhood Plan

The 2015 Housing and Neighborhood Plan provides the framework for attaining the City’s goal of “High Quality, High Functioning Neighborhoods.” There are three goals identified in the Plan:

  • Attract new residents to Shaker, increase demand for houses and increase property values
  • Preserve existing high quality housing stock
  • Increase cohesiveness, desirability, attractiveness and stability in the neighborhoods

The Department is responsible for:

  • Encouraging quality renovations by private rehabbers through the Shaker Renovator Program
  • Rehabbing vacant properties through the Private-Purchase Rehab Program
  • Working with developers to create new housing options on City owned vacant lots
  • Implementing the projects of Moreland Rising.
  • Administering small grants which are available for projects led by residents of the southern Moreland neighborhood (south of Chagrin and west of Lee). Guidelines available here. These grants are intended as an investment in everyday people as active citizens, using their creativity, passion, ingenuity and connectedness to make life better, right where they live. Applications are accepted until funds are all allocated.
  • Encouraging community uses for City owned vacant lots
  • Linking residents to resources to improve sustainability
  • Designing and implementing demonstration and research projects such as The Shaker Design Competition and the City Broadband Study.

The City of Shaker Heights supports fair housing.

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