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Sustainable Shaker

The City of Shaker Heights supports sustainability efforts that preserve the environment and conserve energy. Likewise, we encourage residents to consider ways to reduce their carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency in their homes. Getting started is easy. In fact, many of the initial small changes residents can make won't require costly updates and carry long-term, cost-saving benefits.

Review the links below for more information on the City's work to increase its sustainability—as well as other local efforts—and ways you can live a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient lifestyle.

ShakeRecycles logocolor ShakeRecycles
Start simple and begin with a visit to ShakeRecycles. You'll find a collection calendar and Waste Wizard – a search tool that enables you to determine how to dispose of or recycle many household items. Use it online or download the app to your Apple or Android mobile device.

Call Public Works to request free green recycling buckets, 216-491-1490. Do not bag recyclables—simply leave them loose in recycling buckets. Also, review Recycling Guidelines and Let's Talk Trash to learn more about Shaker's single-stream recycling program.

Cuyahoga GreenwaysCuyahoga Greenways Survey
Cuyahoga County and the Cleveland Metroparks are leading a process to plan greenways and urban trails across the county. They are seeking input from County residents.

Take the survey to share your priorities for this important effort.

dominion logoDominion East Ohio Home Performance with Energy Star Program
This program takes a comprehensive approach to help boost your home's comfort and long-term value, while keeping your energy bills in check. The program includes a:

  • Home energy assessment by a certified auditor to evaluate your home and learn more about how it is using—and wasting—energy. Also includes free installation of several energy-efficient products. Cost is $25.
  • Customized report with recommendations on how to lower your energy bills and a list of participating, qualified contractors to perform any upgrades. Rebates up to $1,250 are available.

Call 877-287-3416 to schedule an assessment. Visit Dominion East Ohio online for more information.

nopec logoNOPEC Programs
The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is an organization of local governments in northeast Ohio that work cooperatively to provide cost savings for individual customers. The City of Shaker Heights participates as a NOPEC Electric community, promoting environmental awareness and cost savings for the community through its electric service aggregation program.

What Shaker Heights NOPEC customers need to know about the recent First Energy contract termination with NOPEC:

    • About 8,000 Shaker Heights residential and business customers participate in the program, including several City facility accounts.
    • In late October, NOPEC’s current supplier, FirstEnergy Solutions (FES), announced that it was terminating its contract effective January 2017.
    • NOPEC has now reached an agreement with NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC (NESO) to become the supplier of electricity for the aggregation program.
    • This 3-year agreement with NESO will replace the current electricity supply contract with FES for NOPEC customers.
    • The NESO agreement will commence as the current contract ends.
    • NOPEC customers will receive an “opt-out” notice in the next few weeks—to stay in the NOPEC aggregation program customers should do nothing. To quit the program, customers must send in a postcard they will receive or call NOPEC.
    • For 2017, the power provided will be 50% renewable due to renewable energy credits.
    • The rates to customers of the aggregation will not be very different under the new contract than they have been under the FES contract for the first eight months of 2017 (i.e., about 6% below CEI’s rate for residential and 4% below CEI for businesses).
    • After the initial 8 months, NESO will provide a “competitive variable rate.”
    • There will be zero cancellation or early termination fees.
    • Customers will have the option to choose a variable rate that will mirror the percentage off utility price savings contained in the expiring contract. That variable rate will be available for as many as 10,000 customers.
    • For more information on the new NOPEC-NESO electricity agreement, visit NOPEC online or call 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).
    • Please review this FAQ, jointly approved by NOPEC and FirstEnergy Solutions, for more information.

green homeUtility Company Energy Incentive Programs
Consider participating in local energy incentive programs, including First Energy/The Illuminating Company's online home energy analyzer which helps residents gain a better understanding of household energy use.

Transit Village
Transit Village, recommended in the City's 2015 Housing and Neighborhood Plan, is envisioned as a transformational project at the gateway of the Moreland, Ludlow and Onaway neighborhoods. Transit-oriented and energy-efficient new housing will re-energize the area. The Transit Village initiative includes the development of a two-acre site for new townhomes and construction of infill single-family homes on scattered vacant lots.

Transit Village details:

  • All new-home construction in Transit Village will meet Enterprise Green Community, Energy Star, or similar energy-efficient standards
  • All new-home construction in Transit Village is eligible for a 10-year, 100% property tax abatement
  • The Townhomes of Van Aken: 33 for-sale townhomes, located at the southwest corner of the Van Aken/Onaway/Sutton intersection; construction is underway and the model suite is open; five townhomes include solar panels to drastically reduce energy costs

Cuyahoga County Community Toolkit
The Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability and the GreenCityBlueLake Institute of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History partnered to create Sustainable Cuyahoga, a toolkit which highlights community best practices in sustainability from around Northeast Ohio.

Guide to Choosing Solar in Shaker Heightssolar panel
Shaker Heights is a solar-friendly community. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing solar for your business or residence. This guide is designed to help you understand those factors, as well as the process of installing solar in Shaker Heights.

Clean Energy Financing Hub
The Hub brings financing for energy efficiency upgrades and solar projects at competitive rates to building owners—including small businesses, large commercial/industrial, local government, non-profit, and faith-based institutions—in Cuyahoga County.

Cuyahoga County Hub Solar Financing makes solar effective and secures better pricing for area cities and non-profits by aggregating multiple solar installations across the County. The Hub also has cut the administrative, legal, and financing costs to make solar accessible for building owners who cannot capture solar tax benefits themselves. Explore financing from the program and get started on your solar project.

Ohio Solar United Neighborhoods (OH SUN) Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op
OH SUN helps Ohians organize solar co-ops to make going solar more affordable and accessible. The group is organizing a co-op in Cuyahoga County, which enables participants to save 15-30% off the system cost and build a network of solar supporters. Visit the Cuyahoga County Solar Co-op online for more information.

Climate Change Task Force (Sustainable Shaker Task Force)earth
The Climate Change Task Force (now known as the Sustainable Shaker Task Force) was formed by Mayor Earl M. Leiken in response to the extraordinary rainfall incident of July 2014. Recognizing the many green initiatives, energy efficiency work, and emergency planning the City had already accomplished over time, the Task Force agreed early in its process to focus its efforts on the concept of “resiliency,” which combines both sustainability efforts and readiness preparations. The Task Force published a report in December 2015, Building a Resilient City, which addresses steps the City and residents can take to improve sustainability and address the effects of climate change. The Task Force continues further study, discussion, and action as a resident-government partnership working to build a more resilient city for the future.

Shaker Heights Public Library works with the Sustainable Shaker Task Force to help residents respond to changing climate in creative and adaptive ways. Librarians compiled this list of recommended reading on climate change and sustainability, published in the Summer 2016 issue of Shaker Life.

Alternative Energy Report
In 2011, the City undertook an Alternative Energy Feasibility Study that focused on the feasibility of installing geothermal, solar thermal, and solar photo-voltaics on residential properties. The report recommended that a geothermal system would provide the most gains for individual residences and provided estimated payback periods, energy savings, and costs for all three technologies.

Public Transportation
Public transportation plays an important role in sustainability by moving more people with fewer vehicles. The City of Shaker Heights enjoys a variety of public transportation options, including two light rail lines (the Blue Line with service between Tower City and Warrensville-Van Aken and the Green Line with service betwen Tower City and Green Rd.). Get maps and details about public transportation in Shaker Heights at Ride RTA.

For Kids
It's never too early to teach children to be mindful of their carbon footprint and to understand that their choices affect the environment. Encourage them to visit the following kid-friendly websites to explore ways to live an energy-efficient lifestyle:

energy starEnergy Star Kids

Energy Information Administration
Energy Kids

usdoeUS Dept. of Energy
Science Education

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