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Police Partners

Members of the Shaker Heights Citizens Police Alumni may join the Police Partners Program, becoming active volunteers at the Department. The Partners are a vital resource to the Department in keeping the community safe and helping deter crime.

Police Officers provide specialized training to participants and the volunteers wear uniforms to identify them as such. During 2016, Police Partners performed 3,527 hours of community service from 47 member volunteers.

Police Partner Volunteer Programs

Citizens on Patrol

Pairs of specially trained volunteers patrol the City in unmarked police cars during the evening hours to serve as additional eyes and ears for the Department. They report suspicious activities and situations that need police intervention.

Police Weapons Cleaning

Monthly, volunteers clean the Department’s shotguns and M4 tactical rifles, freeing up police officers so that they can be out of the station performing regular duty.

Resident Fingerprinting

A team of volunteers provides fingerprinting for residents who require them for background checks.

Records Conversion

A team of volunteers works with the Investigative Bureau to convert old arrest files to new filing formats.

Special Event Details

Police Partners work with officers to provide crowd control and traffic assistance on special events in the city.

Annual Bike Auction

The Partners staff the annual auction of unclaimed property.

VIP Visitations

Augment safety forces during Presidential of other VIP visits.

Department Training

Police Partners assist in Police Department training activities by role-playing in exercises.

Call the Police

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