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1. How do you all feel about the Minorities Together Movements Just Society Proposal, and why has it not been passed?
2. The community has expressed fear of the police despite efforts to make inroads in community engagement. [Continued]
3. In providing context for how difficult it is for officers to conduct traffic stops, is officer Dunn perhaps insinuating that we should explore shifting that responsibility to ... [Continued]
4. What alternatives exist in Shaker to calling an armed officer to respond to conflict? [Continued]
5. Who have you been listening to and what have you been reading to help you think innovatively about what policing needs to be in modern society? [Continued]
6. What is the timeline to see actual change?
7. What have you implemented into your police reform that was suggested by a citizen?
8. For the Mayor and officers: Do you think it is necessary to reimagine policing? What would a modern police dept look like to you?
9. Have any policies/practices changed as a result of conversations with teens?