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  • Where can I get fingerprints taken?

Hand-held Cellphone Ban While Driving

  • What ordinance about cellphone use while driving did City Council enact on February 24, 2014?
  • What process took place to consider the legislation?
  • What was the law in the City before this new ordinance was enacted?
  • Have any other communities banned the use of cell phones while driving?
  • Why did the City decide to ban cell phone use while driving?
  • What does the new law prohibit?
  • Are there exceptions?
  • How will the exception for public safety and public service vehicles work?
  • What is the penalty for a violation of the law?
  • When will the law go into effect?
  • How will drivers know about the new law?
  • How does this apply to Google glass?
  • Are there approved methods which enable a phone, for example, to be "hands free?"
  • What if an officer says I was using my phone, and I say I wasn't? Does the officer have the right to seize my phone? Can that happen at the time of being stopped, and if so, under what circumstances? Can an officer look at my phone to see my phone log?

Criminal Activity Nuisance Ordinance

  • What is a criminal activity nuisance?
  • What acts are considered violations under the criminal activity nuisance law?
  • How are costs assessed and calculated?
  • May I appeal?
Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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