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Road Construction/Traffic

  • Why is it necessary to change the intersection?
  • How will the roads change?
  • How do you know the traffic will improve?
  • When will construction begin?
  • How long will the area be under construction?
  • What are construction hours?
  • How will I get to the businesses in the area during construction?
  • How will the city address cut through traffic in the neighborhoods during construction?
  • How will the new Farnsleigh/Lomond/Chagrin intersection work?
  • How will I gain access to Scottsdale Boulevard?
  • How will I gain access to the Sussex neighborhood once all the construction is complete?

General Questions

  • Who came up with this plan?
  • Why is it taking so long? We’ve been talking about it for years.
  • Who is providing funding for the project?


  • Will the RTA tracks be extended as part of this project?
  • Where will RTA parking be located during this project?


  • What about pedestrians and bicyclists?
  • When will the Farnsleigh streetscape designs be presented to the community?

Development Plans/Businesses

  • Will Starbucks return?
  • What are you doing to ensure that existing businesses are supported during construction?
  • Will there be a place for existing businesses in the new Van Aken district?
  • Why does the plan include new apartments when there are so many apartments and condos already along Van Aken and Warrensville?
  • How feasible would it be to attract developer interest in a boutique-style hotel for the old Buick dealership location at Warrensville/Farnsleigh?
  • Will there be any entertainment or indoor activities in the district like a movie theater, arts or a bowling alley?
  • What are the plans for the vacant lot on Farnsleigh?
  • What steps are being taken to make the design (urban design, building design) a “best-in-class” development, consistent with the standard of quality initially established by the Van Sweringens?
  • Will you need to provide incentives in order to complete the development and attract tenants?
  • What mix of businesses are you hoping to attract to the district?
Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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