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Landlord Training

Comprehensive landlord training programs offered periodically at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building, 3450 Lee Road. The program is designed for existing and prospective Shaker two-family landlords, but it is open to all. The program encourages superior property management and maintenance, provides professional training to owner-occupant rental property owners, and helps landlords maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The training is delivered by a team of professionals with expertise in the many facets of rental property ownership. Training is interactive, encouraging discussion of real-life situations and circumstances. Even experienced landlords gain valuable insights.

Topics covered:

  • Ohio Landlord-Tenant Laws and Legal Issues
  • Fair Housing Laws
  • The Eviction Process
  • Property & Business Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • City Requirements, Regulations and Programs
  • Marketing Strategies

2018 Landlord Training is scheduled for 6-8 pm August 14 and August 16. Training will be held in the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building, 3450 Lee Rd. Attendance at both dates is mandatory for full participation. Free for Shaker property owners. $30 for non-Shaker property owners. Register online.

If you have any questions regarding tenant screening cooperative or other landlord resources, please call or email Colin Compton, 216-491-1433.

Learn what impact the Criminal Activity Nuisance Ordinance has on you as a property owner. Did you know that you could be charged with the cost of repeated police responses to your property? Contact the Law Department, 216-491-1445, with any additional questions.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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