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Shaker standards are set high. This means our trained experts want to be sure the job has been done in the best way possible. Learn about building or housing inspection procedures as you maintain, improve or sell your home.

Housing Inspections

The Housing Inspection Department inspects all residential properties for compliance with standards of health, safety and general maintenance.

These requirements are established in the City's Housing Code (Chapter Fourteen of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Shaker Heights) and are necessary to make all residential structures:

  • Safe
  • Sanitary
  • Free from fire hazards
  • Free from conditions that might blight or have a deteriorating influence on the neighborhood and the community.
  • Regular inspections preserve our homes, promote upgrades, and enhance property values.

There are three types of inspections:

Point of Sale

Sellers of residential real estate are required to obtain a Point of Sale inspection and to present that report to any prospective purchaser prior to the execution of a contract of sale. Fees for a Point of Sale inspection are:

      • Single-family home: $200
      • Two-family home: $300
      • Apartment building: $200 for first unit, $50 for additional units
      • Condominium unit: $150

The inspection is a comprehensive interior/exterior evaluation (interior inspection guidelines, exterior inspection guidelines). If violations are identified, they may be passed onto the buyer. However, an escrow account must be established and funds, equal to 150% of the estimated cost of repairs, must be deposited to pay for the cost to correct all violations (POS Escrow Requirements).

Once a Point of Sale inspection is conducted, any identified violations must be corrected, even if the owner determines to take the property off the market.



All rental properties receive an interior/exterior inspection every 3 years. In addition, rental owners are required to annually obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. The fees for the Certificate of Occupancy are:

      • Single-family rentals: $200
      • Two-family rentals: $100 per unit
      • Condominium rentals: $100
      • Apartments: $45 per unit 

Late fees are imposed after February 1 for single-family, two-family and condominiums, and after March 1 for apartments.


All owner-occupied homes receive an exterior inspection every five years. The inspection schedule divides the City into five neighborhood-based sections. The current five-year cycle is as follows:

      • 2014 Moreland/Boulevard
      • 2015 Lomond/Sussex
      • 2016 Malvern/Ludlow
      • 2017 Mercer
      • 2018 Fernway/Onaway


The Department takes and investigates all complaints, including those in which the complainant prefers to remain anonymous. If a condition is found to constitute a code violation, a notice will be issued to the property owner.

In the absence of health and safety violations, the standard compliance time for housing code violations is 90 days. Reinspections are conducted shortly thereafter. If all violations have been corrected, compliance is confirmed in writing. Extensions of time will be granted if progress on repairs is satisfactory, but incomplete. Property owners are encouraged to contact the Housing Inspection Department if extenuating circumstances delay the correction of violations, or if assistance is needed on repair options.

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