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Energy Efficiency

The largest portion of household energy consumption—over 40 percent—goes toward warming the inside environment in the winter and cooling it in the summer. Homeowners can dramatically reduce this seasonal energy consumption by installing new heating and cooling equipment; sealing and insulating, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) duct work; and improving the building envelope with air sealing, insulation, and upgraded windows. These efficiency measures are proven, cost-effective, and provide numerous benefits for homeowners, including increased comfort and improved durability. The City encourages property owners to invest in energy saving enhancements to their properties, starting with an energy audit.

In 2011, the City undertook an Alternative Energy Feasibility Study that focused on the feasibility of installing geothermal, solar thermal, and solar photo-voltaics on residential construction. The report recommended that a geothermal system would provide the most gains for individual residences and provided estimated payback periods, energy savings and costs for all three technologies.

Read on for information on local energy efficiency programs.

Dominion East Ohio Home Audits and Rebates

(Please note: this program is undergoing administrative updates and is currently unavailable.)

Get a home energy audit for $50 (includes a free carbon monoxide detector), FREE Home improvements and rebates up to $1250 for the energy efficient upgrades you complete and save money on your gas bills!
For $50 (a $500 value), participation in Dominion's Home Performance with Energy Star program will get you a home energy assessment test that includes a blower door test and tests of your appliances. In addition, if needed, they may also install FREE home improvements such as:

  • Foam Insulation
  • Water Heater Pipe Wrap
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Aerators
  • HVAC filters
  • Weatherstripping and door sweeps

When you have completed the recommended upgrades from your energy assessment, you are eligible for up to $1250 in rebates. For more information call (877) 287-3416 or visit the Home Performance with Energy Star website.

First Energy Incentive Programs

Want to learn how to save energy, get $50 rebates on old appliances, buy CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs for $.50 and get a free programmable thermostat? There are a number of incentives and programs from First Energy and the Illuminating Company that can help you do just that:

  • Home Energy Analyzer - With the Home Energy Analyzer you can create a report on your home's major source of energy use and take steps to save energy and money.
  • HVAC Incentives - You can save energy and money with rebates on heating and cooling solutions.
  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) Retail Program - Learn more about the CFL Retail Program and where you can purchase bulbs for $.50 per bulb.
  • Energy Efficiency Products Program - Get a $50 rebate for appliances including clothes washers, refrigerator-freezers, room air conditioners and dehumidifiers and up to $10 for household products including energy-saving surge protectors and torchiere floor lamps.
  • Easy Cool Rewards - Participate in this program and receive a professionally installed programmable thermostat (a $250 value) that can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • Community Connections - Helps income eligible customers reduce their electric use in both winter and summer.
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