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Registrations, Permits, Licenses and Applications

Planning your street’s summer block party? Opening up a new business in Shaker? Installing new windows in your home? Wondering how to check whether your contractor is registered with the City?

Residents and businesses must file permits, apply for licenses, and complete applications or registrations for certain activities, construction projects, commercial property occupancy, etc.

Review the list below for some of the most commonly requested forms, in addition for resources for finding out which contractors are registered with the City.

For Residents

  • Learn which home renovation and improvement projects require a permit and which do not. The Building Department has a list of forms, permits and applications.
  • View a list of contractors registered with the City.
  • Register for one of the City’s Recreation programs.
  • Apply for school-age care for your child.
  • Own a dog? Residents must purchase a license from Cuyahoga County within 30 days of moving to Shaker Heights.
  • Plan a summer block party.
  • Own a bike? Learn about the license requirement from the Police Department.
  • Host a special event, such as a parade, race, walk or art show.
  • View a list of Snow Plow Operators who have applied for and received a permit from the Shaker Heighs Police Department.

For Businesses

  • Alarm businesses are required to apply for a license to operate in Shaker Heights from the Police Department. Applications must be completed and furnished to the Chief of Police. Alarm business licenses expire February 1 of each year. Call the Crime Prevention Office, 216-491-1230, for more information. The City maintains a public list of alarm businesses.
  • Snow plow operators must obtain a permit from the Police Department prior to plowing. Bring a completed application, a $25 fee per vehicle, and a copy of vehicle registration or title to the Shaker Heights Police Department Watch Office window. Operators may elect to have their names placed on the public list of Snow Plow Contractors. The list is provided to residents who request it, along with tips on how to choose a snow plow contractor. It is not an endorsement of the contractor. If a contractor is not listed on the Public list, residents may call the Police Watch Office at 216-491-1220.
  • New businesses operating in a commercial space in Shaker must submit an application for a commercial occupancy permit to the Building Department.


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