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 New Construction

All around the City, there are signs of new construction, rebuilding and renovation. We're creating opportunities for vibrant commercial and retail development, fostering high-quality, high-functioning neighborhoods, and enhancing an attractive, desirable quality of life. In fact, we're investing in ourselves in a way that's unprecedented for Shaker. And that's a good thing.

Bookmark this page and stay up-to-date on the latest progress of projects around town. There's a lot changing and even more on the way. Interested in buying or leasing a commercial property? Check our Available Properties page for more information.

 Van Aken District

The Van Aken District is a new mixed-use development rising on the east side of the City. Phase one is scheduled to open in summer 2018 and will include public gathering spaces, restaurants and retail, as well as commercial and residential space.

Click below to view a slideshow of progress in the Van Aken District.

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Transit Village - Townhomes of Van Aken

The new Transit Village, at the gateway of the Ludlow, Moreland and Onaway neighborhoods, includes the development of a two-acre site for new townhomes. A centerpiece of the Transit Village initiative, the Townhomes of Van Aken include 33 for-sale townhouses in northern Moreland at the southwest corner of the Van Aken/Onaway/Sutton intersection.

Townhomes of Van Aken

 Artist rendering of the Townhomes of Van Aken.


The Shaker Design Competition

The 2016 Shaker Design Competition challenged architect-builder teams to design innovative, energy-efficient, middle-income housing for specific lots in the southern Moreland neighborhood. This vibrant and historic neighborhood was hard hit by the housing crisis and economic downturn, resulting in the availability of 50+ vacant lots. The City obtained tax abatement on the vacant lots in preparation for future development. The Shaker Design Competition invited teams to be at the forefront of development in this neighborhood by submitting groundbreaking designs for these lots to entice a new generation of homeowners to Moreland. View the Competition's winners here.



Avalon Station-Phase 2

Avalon Station Phase 1 is a 51 loft-style condominium development on Van Aken Blvd. just behind Shaker Towne Center. Avalon Station Phase 2 is now in the planning stages and is envisioned as a 66‐unit townhouse development for the three-acre site next to Avalon Station Phase 1.


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